Meet My Family

Boy, I have really been slacking. No posts since October. 2019 WILL be a better year for my blog and for me personally. Although I truly love my job as an Intervention Specialist (special ed teacher), I have just started on the last 5 months of my career. I will be retiring on Sept. 1 after having spent 25+ years in the classroom. I am really ready for this next phase of my life.

That being said, let’s get on with the topic at hand. As my readers my know I have previously introduced them to my oldest daughter, Amanda, and her family. I have also written about my youngest, the only son, Kelsey, in a two part introduction. First I introduced his family and then filled in readers about the chronic foot problems that Kelsey suffers from. I began with the introduction of my youngest daughter, Hilary, and her family.

I saved the introduction of my second child and second daughter until last because she has been in the midst of some major life changes. At last, the changes have been made and I am proud to introduce Breanna Lyne and her family. Breanna’s name takes on parts of my mother’s middle name Ann and her father’s name Lyne.

Breanna Lyne

Breanna lives the farthest away from us, but it is only a little over an hour’s drive. She resides with her long time boyfriend, Kevin.

Brea, as we call her, is finishing her training as an esthetician. You can view her work on her Instagram page at breanna.lyne.esthetics.

I now have a person in the family that can wax my eyebrows for free. A frugal win for me. She has also worked on her sister’s eyelash extensions. Brea is fantastic at her job.

This is the perfect career for her due to her background in art. She is a fabulous artist and is very creative. You can view some of her art on her Instagram at breanna_lyne.

Kevin is also very artistic. He owns and works at his own tattoo shop. You can see some of his work on Instagram also.

Breanna has one daughter who is currently working at an IHop. Savannah is a lovely, young lady with a bubbly personality. She graduated from high school a couple of years ago and is still trying to find a career path that fits her unique abilities and interests.

Both Brea and Savannah are animal lovers and have adopted three rescue dogs between them.

Savannah and Breanna

This completes the introduction of my large extended family. My husband and I currently have 4 children, 4 bonus children (spouses and boyfriends), 12 grandchildren, and 3 great-children. We get together frequently and it is always a blast.

Thank you for letting me introduce my family to you. I would love to meet your family.

I hope to see you back to hear more about the antics of my large, loving, and lunatic family.

My life verse.

Meet my Family: Part 2b of 4


In  the last Meet my Family (Click here to read that post.)post, I introduced you to my one and only son. That post became a little long when we meandered into his foot problems, so I decided to break part 2 in two separate posts.

Kelsey met his wife, Edith,  while he attended the local vocational school where I was and am currently teaching. He went from a private Christian high school to a public vocational school. At this time he was pursuing studies in CAD/CAM and Precision Machinery. (CAD/CAM stands for computer aided drawing/computer aided machinery.) He did very well in these fields and they helped him with his archery.

Edith, his wife, was pursuing a field in the medical field and graduated with her certificate for STNA. (State Tested Nursing Assistant) She worked in a local nursing home and the local hospital after they graduated.

It was about a year after they graduated that they were married in a lovely outdoor ceremony. I was able to do the flowers and pictures for the wedding and the outdoor reception that followed.

Since they had already been together for an extended period of time, they immediately began trying to have a family. It has been a hard struggle for them. Edith has had several miscarriages throughout their marriage, before, between, and after the children the now have.

First, Edith and Kelsey, took custody of her step-sister’s youngest daughter. At the time Zoey had not turned 2 yet. She just celebrated her 11th birthday under their care.  Even though they have had her for so long, her biological mother is still a big part of Zoey’s life.

Their first born was a son, born when Zoey was 4. He was named Landen Baxter. Baxter is a family name. My father-in-law had an Uncle Baxter whom I was privileged to meet before he passed away.

Landen Baxter

My husband’s middle name is Baxter, as is our son’s and Landen’s. Our great-grandson also has the middle name Baxter. (I’ll introduce him in a later post.)

Kelsey and Edith have one biological daughter, Isabella Grace, who is called Bella, or sometimes affectionately referred to as Boo Boo or Bella Boo.

Isabella Grace (Bella Boo)

She is a feisty little five year old who loves playing dress up and playing with dolls. She a little princess through and through.

Their youngest is Levi Paxton. He just recently turned one year old and is a happy little fella. He loves is mommy and his sisters.

Levi Paxton

They live right up the road from me, which makes it easier since the kids all go to the same school. We have it worked  out on who can take who, pick up this one, and so on. Edith is the only one who does not have a job outside of their home, so she is also our families’ go-to when kids need picked up in the middle of the day, or can’t go to school for various reasons. She is a life saver.

You have now met 2 out of my 4 children and their families. I hope you log on to let me introduce you to the rest of the family.

Tell me about your family. Have many kids, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren do  you have?

My life verse.

Have you met my family?

As many of you already know, I have a large extended family. Presently, my husband and I have 4 children, 1 son-in-law and 1 daughter-in-law, 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

And this is just our family.

I have one brother and one sister. My sister is married and with her blended family they have 4 children with 3 in-law children (Is this a term?) and one significant other. There are also several grandchildren and a couple of great grandchildren in that mix.

I have not met them all.

My brother has never married.

Now for the biggest branch of our family. My husband is one of 8 sons. His father passed away several years ago, but his 94 year old mother is still living and going strong.

He recently lost his oldest brother and the brother who is closest to him, both in age and closeness, has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Although we have a large extended family, which I’m sure you will meet as this blog continues, right now I am going to introduce you to our part of this large family, one section at a time.

This is most of my family. My second daugher, oldest two granddaughters, two older grandsons, and a great granddaughter are missing from this picture. This picture also has my sister and brother-in-law and 1 significant other. It was taken last summer on a hiking, picnic trip. Since then we have gained another great granddaughter and lost the significant other. 

And we are large within our own branch.

First, I am planning on introducing you to the family members that live under the same roof as I do.

First, I want to introduce you to my husband. We have been married 44 years.  He is a hard working man who has always been there to take care of his family. His name is Lyne Baxter. 

There is a funny story behind the name Lyne which I will tell you at another time. His middle name came from his great uncle who had helped raise his dad. Since then, there have been several more Baxter’s come down the line in our family.

Our third daughter Hilary Michelle also is presently living with us along with her three children. You can read more about Hilary’s story by clicking on her picture.

Joshua Dylan, whom we call Dylan, her oldest, son has lived with us since his birth. Dylan has just turned 12.  Tune in next week to see highlights of his 12th birthday party.

His sister, Shyla Perilin, (She was named after me.), is 16 months younger than her older brother. She is a tough little thing who enjoys baton and singing.


Her baton troop recently performed in Disney World.

Last but not  least, is Zayden King. He just recently turned 3. He is a happy and smart little thing who loves Paw Patrol and Spongebob.

He also enjoys playing with legos and any type of truck or car. He mainly likes to take them apart. He also likes to talk …a lot! He can tell the longest and best stories. He always has us laughing at his antics.

That’s who is living under my roof right now.  In the weeks to come I will introduce you to the rest of our large family.

How many are living under roof?