My Second 101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days

Well, my 1001 days from my first goal list will expire on February 26, 2018. That’s just next week. I didn’t manage to get all of these goals completed, but I was able to finish several of them. But, that’s ok. It still gave me some focus for things that I needed and wanted to do. The goals gave me focus. Those that I was not able to complete gave me a jumping off point for the next 101 goals that you can read below.  The 1001 days will start on February 26, 2018 and end on November 28, 2020. If you would like to compare the last goals to these click here to read the first set of goals. 

101 Goals to Accomplish in 1001 Days

  1. Read the Bible through.
  2. Spend daily quiet time. I have began spending daily quiet time reading and studying God’s word.
  3. Attend or begin a Bible study. I  have  started  an  online  book  study  with  my  sister  and  my  oldest  daughter.  My  daughter-in-law  has  joined my  daughter  and  myself  meeting  face-to-face  once  a week  to  discuss  the  Christain  book  we  are  reading.  Then  once  a week  a few  of  us  meet  via  Zoom  to  discuss  what  we  have  read  during  the  week.
  4. Attend a photography workshop.
  5. Write a book.
  6. Start making money from this blog.
  7. Increase the number of blog subscribers. (This is a continuing goal, but this number continues to rise.)
  8. Increase savings by $5000.
  9. Go on a New England cruise.
  10. Go see the Giant Redwoods.
  11. *Read 35 books. This evens out to approximately 2 books a month. It’s doable. I have several books that I have read and I will be reviewing them on the book page soon.
  12. *Participate in a vendor’s fair. (crafts) I will soon be setting up a table at a small local vendor’s fair. It will probably be in June.  I have participated in a local vendor’s fair a few times now.
  13. Finish and stock the Koi pond. (This goal was scrapped last summer.)
  14. Make and send photo Christmas cards.
  15. Make and can pickles.
  16. Participate and complete a money challenge.
  17. Knit a scarf and hat.
  18. Go on an Ohio road trip.
  19. Work on the back yard garden area. ( This is also a continuing project, but I was able to plant a new flower bed last summer.)
  20. Attend a “Dancing with the Stars” show. Since the cancellation of this show, I am changing this goal to going to see a play based on the movie Dirty Dancing. This is my favorite movie.
  21. Spend a night at the Greenbrier. (My husband and I tried to secure a room at the Greenbrier for our 45th anniversary, but they were booked up. Instead we stayed in a hotel in a neighboring town and toured the Greenbrier and the bunker built underneath the hotel. We also toured some close attractions including a nearby cave.  Therefore, I am crossing off this goal as completed.)
  22. Fix up the shelter.
  23. Visit every state in the U.S.
  24. Learn more about using Photoshop.
  25. Visit Branson, Missouri.
  26. Buy a designer camera bag.
  27. I still want a white Pomeranian. I want to wait until I retire.
  28. I need to get my blog’s email going.
  29. Cement the decking around the pool.
  30. Increase Instagram and Twitter followers. They are increasing and I hope they continue to do so.
  31. Publish a photo/writing book.
  32. Become more involved at our church.
  33. Design & create a freebie for the blog.
  34. Visit the Florida Keys.
  35. Take the kids to Universal Studios-Harry Potter.
  36. Attend an outdoor drama.
  37. Increase the output of craft/DIY projects. (Since I received my Cricut last Christmas my craft output has increased considerably.)
  38. Make & post a new recipe once every 2 weeks.
  39. Take a photo of husband and self. (We had family pictures taken the first of October. With our family it was an accomplishment.)
  40. Make a new Christmas tree skirt. I did make a new tree skirt last year, although it was for my daughter. I still need a new one.
  41. Take kids to the zoo. Their mother  took them to the zoo.
  42. Secure a sponsored post.
  43. Complete a minimum of 5 devotionals.
  44. Go to a craft fair.
  45. Attend a Renaissance Fair.
  46. Join the local Writer’s Guild. ( I attended my first meeting, March 2018.)
  47. Attend a sunrise Easter Service.
  48. Make new bedspreads for kids’ beds.
  49. Make new curtains for boys’ room.   I finished these not too long ago.
  50. Enlarge and remodel kitchen.
  51. Learn to use the Cricut.(My husband bought me an Expression Air 2 for Christmas. It has been a lot of fun. I love it!)

    I have the rose one that matches my pink crafting room.
  52. Design & plant flowers around the front of the house. After my granddaughter moved into a new house she gave me several Rose of Sharon bushes. We have planted them in various places around the property including the front of the house. I can’t wait until Spring when they bloom.
  53. Cement/blacktop driveway.
  54. Put up a chair rail & new closet doors in Shyla’s room.
  55. Add toy storage & new closet doors in boys’ room. (The toy storage has been added. The closet doors have not.)
  56. Purchase new deck furniture. (I bought 2 swivel chairs and a small table for the upper deck.)
  57. Redo the cushions on the lounges by the pool.
  58. Take up carpet in downstairs hallway.
  59. *Make Breanna and Savannah a house warming gift. – Breanna and Savannah have each moved into separate houses since posting this. I should go ahead and make 2 housewarming gifts.
  60. Make shorts for summer wear.
  61. Attend a couple of art classes. I  attended  a watercolor  painting  class  a couple  of  months ago.  I have  also  enrolled  in  a Bob  Ross  painting  workshop  at  the  end  of  May.  I have  also  been  following  the  Art  Sherpa  and  The  Social  Easel  on  Facebook  and  Youtube.  They  are  wonderful.  
  62. Put two more fans in the shelter.
  63. Replace the tile in the main bathroom.
  64. Plan a Christmas performance with Dylan, Shyla, and myself.
  65. *Reupholster Brea’s chair. Breanna’s  dog  destroyed  the  chair  beyond  repair.  So  this  goal  is  changing  to  reupholstering  my  dining  room  chairs.  They  need  it  again. I  have  completed  this  goal.  
  66. Make ice cream with the Kitchen-aide attachment. (It was delicious.)
  67. Do a Flea Market Flip.
  68. Potty train Zayden. (He has no interest in this right now.) (This took 2 days back in June. He was the easier child I ever potty trained.)
  69. Do some decorative framing in the dining room.
  70. Make a blogging schedule for the blog.
  71. Prepare the fireplace and wood burner for use by next winter.
  72. Design and order new planners. (I love being able to design my own planner. I have used Plum Paper for the last couple of years. I highly recommend them.)
  73. Plan a trip to visit my cousin, Brenda.
  74. *Write Brenda monthly letters. I have recently reconnected with my cousin on Facebook so we can talk more often.
  75. Replace/repair garage doors.(We repaired them right before Christmas this year.)
  76. Take the kids to ride the Santa train in Nelsonville.
  77. Hike & picnic at Hocking Hills. We did this when my sister and her husband was visiting from Florida. We had a great time.
  78. Make yearly picture books beginning with 2017.
  79. Purge some toys.

    This in not really my house.
  80. I want to pay off all bills before retirement.
  81. Purge teaching supplies.
  82. *Organize craft supplies.- I have been working on this a lot.
  83. Make a book list on Evernote of books I want to read.
  84. Find a balance scale to use as a center piece on dining room table.
  85. Start a frugal series on the blog.
  86. Purchase a new sink and cabinet for bathroom.
  87.  Repaint main living areas of house.
  88. Complete 4 blogging courses.
  89. Attend a blogging conference.
  90. Attend a Christy Wright workshop.  (April 24, 2018)
  91. Have carpets and living room furniture professionally cleaned.
  92. Visit the “Book Loft” in Columbus.    (This is a fascinating book store housed in an  historic 32 room mansion in Columbus, Ohio. My oldest daughter, her youngest daughter and I visited this unique bookstore on Nov. 16, 2019.)
  93. Finish dressers in Shyla’s room.
  94. Replace sheers in living room.
  95. *Make Levi’s diaper bag. – I really let this one slip by me. He is 3 years old now and no longer needs a diaper bag. I believe I will make him a small back pack instead.
  96. Make pillow shams for my bedroom. ( I made pillow shams and recovered the chest at the end of my bed with matching material. I makes it look very cohesive.)
  97. Create printable recipes for blog.
  98. Repair the upper deck.  This goal was just completed yesterday. Several of the boards had begun to splinter and needed to be replaced.
  99. Work on photography studio. (spare room)  This room has been taken and turned into a weight room. It now houses my grandson’s weight bench, the tread mill and 2 gun safes.
  100. Begin making Christmas list of possible gifts to make. (I have several DIY Christmas gifts on my list now. It is April 11, 2019 today and yes, I have begun my homemade Christmas list.
  101. Make a new list when this one times out.

What are some of things you would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days?

I did it! It may have taken awhile, but I did it!





Do you choose a word of the year? Last year was the first time I did. It took me a little longer to choose one for this year, but I finally did.

I have finally chosen my word for the year. It took awhile, but after a lot of thought and soul searching, I finally decided on my word of the  year. Action!

The Google dictionary defines action as the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. That is my word of the year: ACTION!

Last year I chose the word determination to be my word of the year. I was determined to learn more about the blogging process, start posting more on the blog and I was determined to get myself in gear to get things done, in various aspects of my life.


I had previously wrote about the things I wanted to accomplish. This was my very first post and was inspired by Simply Nicole’s post, 101 things to do in 1001 Days. I sat down and wrote out my 101 things that I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. Throughout that time I was able to do several of the things on my as you can see by the updates. Although I did do several things and was able to mark them off the list, most of those items were completed because they just fell into place, not because I actually set my sites on getting them done. To see the post with my list click here. 

My determination year did help me learn a lot of the nuts and bolts of blogging. I still have a lot more to learn yet. It will be an  ongoing and never-ending process.  Therefore, I have chosen action as my word of the year. I am planning on putting all those things I have learned and put them into action.

This year I have been hard at work developing a working schedule for my blog and myself. I am hoping to post on Mondays and have recently began Wordless Wednesdays. This will be a day where I post various pictures of random things that have went on in my life during the past week. I hope you, my readers, will also share pictures of your lives during the last week.

I have finished the Affiliate Marketing Course and have chosen a handful more to take to help me with my writing and out put on the blog. Also, I have a list of books to read for the purposes of blogging, finance, self help, and pleasure. I have always been a reader, but due to the business of my life, I have shoved this on a back burner. No longer, I am putting this as a priority on my action list.


I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, but as with reading, I have managed to cook meals for my family, but seldom try new recipes. Just today, I bought the items for 3 new dishes. I actually bought a cooking wine which I have never cooked with before. I’m really excited to try this recipe.

I have the rose one that matches my pink crafting room.

For Christmas my husband bought me a Cricut Explore Air 2. I have several projects in mind as soon as I figure out how to really use it. I have watched one you-tube video so far and am planning on watching more to help me learn and up my productivity.  More action to accomplish.

This is a shorten overview of the things I am planning on working on during this next year.  The things I am planning on putting into action. My expiring 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days can be seen by clicking here. I will be posting my new list next week. There will probably be some things that are the same, but there will be several new ideas I want to put into Action.

What is your word of the year?

My life verse.