Fall is here!


┬áIt’s here. This is my favorite time of the year to decorate. I love the fall colors, scarecrows, and turkeys. The smell of pumpkin scented candles in the air. Most, if not all of my decorations came from the dollar stores. I am a full time teacher and contrary to popular belief we do not have money to throw around.


Some of these things I have had for several years and some I collect at the end of the season. I made the wreath a couple of years ago. It will hang on the door until it is time to put the Christmas wreath out.


After Halloween I will remove the Jack-‘o-lanterns and replace them with turkeys. I have a couple of new ones that I bought last year right after Thanksgiving.. These decorations will stay up until it is time to put up Christmas decor. Wait until you see it. I have been collecting for many years.


Decorating for the holidays does not have to be expensive. Practice patience and save what you have.

Only to us.


We all have those days when we say it would only happen to me. Well, last week my family experienced one of those mornings that could only happen at my house.

I’m sure all of you who have kids and jobs outside the home know how chaotic mornings can be. Our house is no exception. First, my husband leaves the house. It often becomes a contest between us to see who is going to get the bathroom first. If our youngest grandson awakens during this time, he wants his Papa’s attention and I get first dibs at the restroom.

I have another half hour after he leaves to finish my preparations for departure. I wake up my daughter so she can get the two other grandkids ready for school. This usually takes her around an hour.

On the morning of our story, she sent the oldest out to start the car. He came back in to let her know the keys were locked in the car. First disaster. Luckily she had left the windows cracked and was able to use a coat hanger to unlock the doors. Now she was rushing everyone to get in. Dylan opens the back door and informs his mother he cannot get in because the cat that has adopted us was having kittens in the back seat. Apparently, she had locked the car when she slipped in through the slightly opened window.


The cat had just had the first kitten when I got the text at work. I suggested she call my daughter-in-law to get the kids and take them to school. When she took the kids in to sign them in Dylan tells the secretary that he has a good reason for being late today. “I’m an uncle”, he informed her. At that point his eight year old sister pipes up and says,”And I’m a grandma!”

The poor secretary.


Number 12 has been completed

ast month I published my list of 101 things to accomplish within the following 1001 days. Over our 40th anniversary, we visited the Biltmore in Asheville, NC.DSC_0289


Thanks to family and friends, this trip was virtually a free trip with the added bonus of touring the beautiful grounds behind the locked gates of the property.
After our personal tour, our “guide” drove us to a pavillon that is available for weddings.DSC_0325

The mansion is wonderful backdrop for wedding pictures.DSC_0324

We were able to view the mansion from the backDSC_0331

and travelled through the beautiful vineyards.DSC_0335

It was a wonderful trip.