“It is what it is.”


It is what it is

I was asked today, “What is your Motto?” I thought of all kinds of great quotes by great people. “If you can believe, you can achieve.”  by Sophie Turner is another one that came to mind.  However, my thoughts lingered on the quite overused phrase “It is What it is.”

After reading an article by Liane Gabora Ph.D. entitled, The Hidden Meaning of  “It is What It Is”,  I began searching for the meaning behind why this phrase would be like a song stuck in my head.
Dr. Gabora suggests that “It is what it is” has more to its meaning than: being somewhere in the middle and not being able to place a word to it. The phrase reiterates a complacency that doesn’t categorize the situation into some form of good or bad but just an acceptance for what is. This suggests a certain comfort; yet, it could be so much more.

Are you contented with your life?

First, “It is What it is.” is a way of thinking about the world and environments that we live in. It’s a tool that one can use to conceptualize their situation. By accepting all that facts and not taking sides as to the goodness of the situation, adopting this phrase allows for the situation to not cause harm to oneself or others. It isn’t necessarily what we agree with it or how we would choose things to be; therefore, if we like it or not … It is just what it is.

It is what is

For example, my son (who is 18, over 6 feet tall) came home from school last week and announced that after an inspection the school is now only allowed to provide one pop tart instead of two. Now if we looked at the facts of the situation and the events that led up to this situation we would understand why my son was told this. However the facts are just that so “It is what it is” All the events lead up to this moment in time and even though the ‘goodness’ of the situation could be debated and even though he wasn’t in agreement with the situation, the phrase calms the aggravation of it all.

Dr. Gabora noted that the use of the phrase of resistance of putting things into categories or that it is an acceptance of ambiguity. In this sense, one could create a richer self and not be stuck in the way things are. If it isn’t that and it isn’t this then we can accept that there isn’t a box for it. This belief would coincide with abstract thinkers and creative minds.



Oh well

Yet, others feel like the phrase is a “… resignation, a sense of acceptance that something isn’t up to par.” In these cases, “It is what it is” could leave one with a feeling of complacency, sadness, or   negative thoughts about the possiblities. One could begin to believe they are stuck and that the situation can’t be changed or reframed.
I think that “It is what it is” is a static phrase that should be used in context. I find that this phrase comes to my mind because I recognize that I am on a path. I am complacent on my journey,  that I have come to a place that I didn’t think I would be, on my way to where I want to go (even if I am unsure where that will take me.) The phrase captures not only the lack of progress and dissatisfaction of the current state of my life but also includes the progress and satisfaction of the place that I have arrived at in my life. Therefore, it makes a great life motto as I hope to always be in this journey where the only destination for me is heaven.

Let’s hear your Life Motto …. What does “It is what it is” mean to you?

By Amanda Brumfield

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Weekend Recap – May 8, 2017

Well, another weekend has passed. I feel like I accomplished quite a bit the past two days.

Friday evening when I got home from work I hit the house running. I cleaned the living room and mopped and swept. The two year old’s toys were strung from one end of the room to the other. I had been putting off doing this for awhile.


Tristin and his girlfriend, Emily
Tristin is my third oldest grandchild


Dakota, my oldest grandson.

Later that evening, Dylan and I went to the school to take pictures of my two grandsons and my students in the prom attire. I loved seeing the excitement on their faces in anticipation of the evening. They were all dressed to the max. It was fun watching them be announced as they entered the dance. We then went home and I fix scrambled eggs and sausage for our evening meal.

Saturday morning my husband and I took the kids to their aunt’s while we attended a pancake, fundraising breakfast at our church. We, the church, have been working for several years now to open a rehabilition center for addiction in our area. With the aid of donations, fundraisers, and grants that dream is about to reach fruition. Across the road from our church was a high school that was no longer in use by the school district. We purchased this, cleaned it up and repurposed it. Behind this we have built a 16-bed facility to house women who need help with their addiction problem. Even though out patient counseling has been going on now for approximately a year, the new facility will be opening July 1st. It is a dream come true for our area.

My husband, Hilary, and me.


If you have read Hilary’s Story, you will know how important this endeavor is to me and my family. Hilary was one of the speakers at Saturday’s event. We are very proud of her and her fight against her addiction.


Also, on Saturday afternoon I began painting my bedroom. I was determined to get it finished over the weekend. I began painting the walls that I could get to. My bedroom furniture is very heavy and impossible for me to move alone. I painted until it was time to take Dylan to play practice.

While he was at practice I sat by the river front and listened to a book that I am almost finished with. I’m reading(listening) to Troublemaker by Leah Remini. I am almost finished with it so you can be expecting my review to pop up in the Book Nook corner soon.

After we returned home I cleaned the kitchen and tidied up around the house some before calling it a night.

Sunday proved to be another full day for me. Dylan had spent the night at my oldest daughter’s the night before. When she brought him home we sat down and picked out the sit down meals for our upcoming trip to Disney in November. Shyla’s baton group will be performing there on November 6th.

Disney World

I then took Dylan for a three hour play practice. It’s getting close. The play will be this weekend with four perfomances over a three day span. They will also be going into the elementary school Dylan goes to for one additional performance. He is already talking about the next play. He is ready to start again.

While he was gone I continued to work on painting the bedroom. My husband had moved out two of the dressers and I painted behind them.

Legs of woman standing on tiptoe on stepladder with paint can and painted wall.

When I finished with the painting I swept the carpet and cleaned the back of the dressers. Lots of dust and cobwebs. It always amazes me how dirty it can get behind these large pieces of furniture.

Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles and green beans

Earlier in the day I had put a turkey breast in the crockpot so when it was close to being done I fixed mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, and green beans to go with it. Everyone ate heartily Sunday evening and we had enough leftovers for a meal on Monday evening.

It was a very busy and productive weekend.

How was your weekend?  What all did you get accomplished?

My life verse.

Weekend recap-April 29, 2017



Hello and happy Monday,


I know for a lot of us that is the ultimate oxymoron. But all things aside, how was your weekend?


Mine was pretty uneventful. (Until last night. I’ll get to that in a minute.) I spent the majority of the weekend trying to catch up on laundry. I had fallen way behind on this chore due to a minor surgery and my back going out over Easter weekend and then a working weekend the following weekend.


I not only managed to accomplish getting an overwhelming amount of laundry caught up, but also cleaned out three dressers. I made two piles of clothes, one to go to my son’s for two of his children and the other pile to be donated to a clothing bank.  I still have Dylan’s dressers and closet to go through. It’s the beginning of my spring cleaning. How do you begin your spring cleaning?

While Dylan was at play practice Saturday afternoon, Shyla and I went clothes shopping. Both Zayden and she needed a few shorts and tops. Shyla also was in desperate need of shoes. She needed gym shoes, baton shoes, and shoes to wear for everyday  I found some great prices on the shoes at Walmart.

Sunday afternoon we took Zayden to visit with his dad. Since the weather was so nice we chose to meet him at a lake nearby that had a playground. I had never been there before, but it’s a place where we plan on meeting again. There was also a beach area where there were several people swimming. Shyla went with us and could hardly stand that fact that I would not let her go swimming. We were not prepared for swimming in April.

Overall it it was a pretty uneventful weekend. Until everyone quieted down for the night. Shyla and I were sitting in a dark living room and she had snuggled up beside me in the chair. She then asked me what was flying around the living room. My first thought was a moth until I saw it fly in front of the tv. We had a bat flying around the house. I don’t know how it got in, but that really gave me a fright. I don’t like bats.

What at did you do over the weekend?


My life verse.