Weekend recap-April 29, 2017



Hello and happy Monday,


I know for a lot of us that is the ultimate oxymoron. But all things aside, how was your weekend?


Mine was pretty uneventful. (Until last night. I’ll get to that in a minute.) I spent the majority of the weekend trying to catch up on laundry. I had fallen way behind on this chore due to a minor surgery and my back going out over Easter weekend and then a working weekend the following weekend.


I not only managed to accomplish getting an overwhelming amount of laundry caught up, but also cleaned out three dressers. I made two piles of clothes, one to go to my son’s for two of his children and the other pile to be donated to a clothing bank.  I still have Dylan’s dressers and closet to go through. It’s the beginning of my spring cleaning. How do you begin your spring cleaning?

While Dylan was at play practice Saturday afternoon, Shyla and I went clothes shopping. Both Zayden and she needed a few shorts and tops. Shyla also was in desperate need of shoes. She needed gym shoes, baton shoes, and shoes to wear for everyday  I found some great prices on the shoes at Walmart.

Sunday afternoon we took Zayden to visit with his dad. Since the weather was so nice we chose to meet him at a lake nearby that had a playground. I had never been there before, but it’s a place where we plan on meeting again. There was also a beach area where there were several people swimming. Shyla went with us and could hardly stand that fact that I would not let her go swimming. We were not prepared for swimming in April.

Overall it it was a pretty uneventful weekend. Until everyone quieted down for the night. Shyla and I were sitting in a dark living room and she had snuggled up beside me in the chair. She then asked me what was flying around the living room. My first thought was a moth until I saw it fly in front of the tv. We had a bat flying around the house. I don’t know how it got in, but that really gave me a fright. I don’t like bats.

What at did you do over the weekend?


My life verse.

Wednesday quick notes


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SEO 2017



I finished this book over the weekend while sitting at my school’s annual Expo. I had picked it up due to the overwhelming, positive recommendations of other bloggers I follow. Although there were lots of great information, I felt the book would be over the head of those who have no background in computer language. I found it hard to follow in many areas.

However, I did learn how to optimize my blog for today’s search engines and I hope to implement these as soon as possible.  We will see how much I learned as time goes.

Snipets of home life

I disentangled myself from my sleeping grandson this morning so I could get my shower before work. I went back to check on him before I started getting dressed and found him curled up beside his older brother.  I love these little moments.

Sleepy brothers

Double weekend recap


Sorry about the timing of this post. Over Easter weekend I had a rough few days. I had a doctor’s appointment a week on Wednesday before Easter knowing that an endoscopy would be scheduled soon due to some swallowing difficulties. There was an opening on Good Friday and I thought that was great. No missed days of work since that was my first day of spring break. Everything seemed to go as planned before this minor surgery.

During this minor procedure, my esophagus tore which is not that uncommom, but made for a very sore throat for the next couple of days.  I was put under for this procedure so I was very tired on top of the sore throat for the remainder of the day. I was feeling better by Saturday evening and was planning on attending church Easter morning. About 4:00 that morning I woke up with excuriating back pain. What a way to spend my already short Easter break!   

I was in a lot of pain throughout Easter Sunday and Monday. Lots of Advil and bedrest on both days. We also have one of the devices that run electrical currents through sore muscles that I also used. That helped while it was attached to me. I finally gave up and went to the doctor on Tuesday after missing that day of work. Thankfully, nothing more was going on than my back was out of whack.

Making it back to work on Wednesday was rough. I went to work with a cane and I had to sit out of the students’  gym practice and other physical aspects of the job.  On Thursday we had planned a field trip with the students. I also had to sit out of this because I could not climb onto the school bus.

But on a brighter note, I was able to get a lot of paperwork done. I spent the day at my desk diligently working with no interruptions.

By Friday I was able to go to work without the aid of the cane.

Now, let’s get to this past weekend.

The school where I work hosts an annual Expo. There are demonstrations from area businesses, craft vendors, performers and more.  Lots of door prizes are given out and lots of good food is prepared.  Of course, the staff works this on both days of the Expo.

Luckily, I did not work serving food this year as I have in the past. I don’t think my back could have stood up to a job that demanding. Instead, I manned the table where our unit had a display. I was the last in the line of 3 buildings to tour and register for drawings.  I stayed occupied talking to people as they came through, but did not have to do a lot of standing or walking. It was quite a bit easier on my back. I did manage to finish reading one book and I was able to start another one.  More on that later.


I felt that I had a productive weekend.



What did you do over the weekend?