What’s in a Name?



Have you ever looked up the meaning or origin of your name? I know I have on multiple occasions. We have all played the silly, but fun name games as children and maybe as adults. Many of us continue to participate in name games as we get older (just for fun). Try out What Your Name Says about your Personality? for kicks.

As I was researching this post I happened upon a post by A Cup of Jo in which she talked about a person’s name determining their personality.  She had found a website, First Name Meanings, that seemed to hit the nail on the head so to speak.  I began looking up the meaning of members of my family and of course myself. It seemed eerily accurate in many of the names of my family and myself.


For my granddaughter, Shyla, her name fit her to a “t”.  She likes “movement, speed and travel.” This tiny 8 year old is never still for a minute. We just returned from a shopping trip where she danced, hopped, and sang her way through every store.  She likes an adrenaline rush.


Dylan, her 10 year old brother, on the other hand likes “peace and quiet, solitude  and the sweet safety of their homes.”  Not only does he like being at home, he wants everyone at home with him or he worries about them.



Zayden is the baby, 14 months old, and after a little more research I settled on associating his name with that of Zayd on the list. What youngster at this age does not like “freedom to indulge in the pleasures of this world.” His environment is all new to him and he is out to conquer it all.

So the big question for me was what does my blog’s name mean? First. let me explain how I came up with the name. My maiden name is Perry, my first name is Linda, hence Perilin. Because I began by sewing and creating things I choose Creations. See my facebook page.  After delving into the meanings of my two names I have come to the conclusion that my blog, or me, is industrious and wants to shine and be admired.


What about you? What does your name say about you? And is it accurate?

30 Day Blog Challenge



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I have been constantly studying about blogging for a few months now. Believe me, this is more complicated then it seems. I am still trying to figure out how to ad Google Adsense, find sponsors, and overall monetize my blog. On top of that I want to publish blogs that are helpful and relevant to your lives. So I have jumped in to sink or swim.

I have always enjoyed writing although the last several years it has taken a back seat to my full time job as a special education teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. Even though we are now grandparents and great-grandparents, we still have little ones in the house. We are currently helping our daughter raise her 3 young children. This leads to a very full and busy life.




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Where has all my time gone?



Do you ever ask yourself this when the day is done but the items on your to-do list seemed to have multiplied since its conception? Of course I have. I can’t remember the last time I actually completed everything on that unyielding piece of paper.

I’m sure I am not the only person who has wished for more hours in the day. However, I want to be specific about this. I want those 2 to 3 hours put in the middle of the afternoon or even mid-morning. That way I can still get up and go to bed at the same time. (Lol) If they were put in the evening I would probably lose them to extra sleep.

Seriously, though, everyone has the same hours, minutes, and seconds allotted to them. Why is it then that as I read though other bloggers’ posts it seems as if they are able to accomplish so much more than I can in the same amount of time. Time management, organization and dedication is what I have found to be the answer. What about you?

Tips that help me

1. Weekly and daily schedules:

I have written to-do lists for the week and for the day.  There are even some things that are planned months in advance. What is it that I want to get done? These items must be prioritized. What is the most important thing on the list. I have to remember to boil the eggs for deviled eggs tonight before finishing the chapter in the book I’m reading. Allot time for everything. Yes, even your leisure activities.  Use a planner or a calendar. I keep both, a paper calendar and the one in my phone, and a planner.


2. Plan ahead

I can remember when I was in college and the professors would pass out the new syllabus; I would feel so overwhelmed with the amount of work in front of me for the semester. Only by attacking it in bits and pieces was I able to complete everything. Attack today and this week’s chores in the same manner. Chop up the larger tasks into more manageable bits. Don’t forget to break it up on your to-do list. Things such as shopping trips for clothes, groceries, gifts, etc. are centered around paychecks.  I also try to schedule in sewing and crafting when there are not a lot of extra activities happening. Those planners really help with this scheduling.

3. Go with the flow:

Even the best laid plans often go astray. This is an abbreviated version of an old proverb meaning that things we can’t foresee will and can happen. If something unexpected comes up and really skews up your beautiful, well-thought out schedule, don’t worry. Just add it to the next day’s list. We need to be flexible with our plans and expectations of what we are capable of getting accomplished.  Sometimes we just seem to think that we can accomplish more in 24 hours than is physically possible. Get what you can done and don;t sweat the rest. Add it to tomorrow’s list and re-prioritize. Go with the flow.

How do you manage your time?