Weekend Recap – April 8, 2017



As usual, this was a busy weekend. It was also filled with fun activities.

Saturday I had planned on staying home to catch up on projects and cleaning around the house. But my oldest daughter decided to take the older kids to audition for a play being put on by our local art facility. Right before the audition we discovered that the girls would not be able to participate due to obligations with their baton troup. However, Dylan was able to audition and was chosen to play the part of Avery, the brother, in Charlotte’s Web. He is very excited.

During their auditions, I was summoned to my youngest daughter’s work.  She wanted me to bring the 2 year old over to meet the Easter Bunny for the first time. I relunctally agreed and what should have taken no more than an hour actually took about 3.


We stood in a long line waiting our turn to sit in the Easter Bunny’s lap. While Zayden behaved wonderfully, the children in front of us and behind us were not behaving quite as well. After waiting in line for a least 1/2 hour we finally made it to the large, furry creature. Of course, Zayden refused to sit on his lap or beside him. He clung to me and refused to even look at him or thank him for the candy filled eggs. So much for pictures.

Next we ventured outside where a large garden mower was pulling make-shift “barrel” cars for a train ride. We again stood in line for this although not as long.  Since Zayden is too young to ride by himself, I rode with him.  Next year one of the older kids will have to go with us. My legs just don’t raise high enough to get in and out of the those barrels, but it was a nice little ride. So much for pictures though.  (This is not the actual ride, but it looked very close to this.)

We then went into the restaurant where mom works as a waitress/hostess and she bought our meal. I’ll have to say we were both hungry by then.

Zayden went to sleep on the way home and slept for about 3 hours after we got there. This wore him out.



Sunday afternoon, we celebrated the 10th birthday of one of granddaughters. It continued to be warm and we were able to have this outside. I was able to get several pictures of this activity.

It was a weekend full of activity and family fun.

What was your weekend like?

Hilary’s Story


                                              Has your family been effected gby the drug epidemic?


My youngest daughter wrote this excerpt on her facebook page recently.

“My journey in recovery has been a tough one. I’ve been an addict since I was 15 years old I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. Periods of abstinence and sobriety but more time with using. I was selfish, manipulative, and trying to fill a void within me with everything under the sun. I’ve had 5 hospital overdoses. One consisted of me being on a ventilator and in a coma ( that was the very first one), the very last o’d was the one that scared me the worse. I didn’t start breathing again until my 6th shot of narcan at the E.R. But that still didn’t stop me. I had gotten worse than I had ever been. I was pushing 95lbs and absolutely miserable. I almost welcomed the idea of death. I was physically, mentally, and spiritually broken. This is when God was finally able to do something with me. I had hit my bottom. Only by Gods strength was I able to make it to a detox where I began my road to healing. God is absolutely amazing!!!! I know that He’s got big plans for me!!! I can feel it deep down inside me like a fire getting ready to explode or a fountain that overflows with water constantly!!!! You see, I was a hopeless, sick, cocaine and heroin IV user who couldn’t stand myself. Today I’m a beautiful, healthy, intelligent child of God who is extremely thankful for what I’ve made it through. Don’t let Satan tell you those lies. God loves you and is waiting for you!! He wants that close relationship with his children!!! I love my Lord!!! #soberlife #sobriety #amazinggrace #onedayatatime #letitgo #humbleyourself #recovery #addiction #grateful”



Illegal drug use and addiction has become an epidemic in this country, if not world wide. According to http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Drug_Usage#sthash.6NwLjZQR.dpbs, 27.1 people aged 12 and older had “used” within the last 30 days.  Yes, I said age 12.  It was reported that drug overdoses was the leading cause of death in the same year. And that number continues to rise.

So, it is not unlikely that this epidemic has touched your family in some way. You may know someone who is addicted, know the family of someone who is addicted, or are in the immediate family of an addicted person. I fall into all 3 categories.

Hilary was born on May 29, 1985. She was our miracle baby. I had 2 older daughters, but it had taken me approximately 4 years to conceive this one.  From the minute she was born, she was the perfect child, never causing problems. As she grew, it was obvious that she had a wild sense of humor and her peers flocked around her.

We were very close as she was growing up. I remember one evening when we were attending a Girl Scout mother and daughter banquet. The girls were asked what their mothers did that aggravated them. This was all done in good humor. When it got to Hilary’s turn, she calmly told the group that I didn’t do anything that aggravated her.   We never argued and had any problems.  I never could have imagined the problems that would arise later in her life.



The purpose behind this series is to offer hope and support for those families that are dealing with the devastation that a family endures when one is addicted.