The Word of the Year is Intentional.

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For the past several years I have chosen a word of the year for myself. That word is/was chosen to be an inspiration for me as go through the upcoming year’s endeavors. In preparation of planning the upcoming year’s goals I chose the word Intentional.

After I chose my word, I watched Jen from Pretty Neat Living vlog talk about her word of the year and how she broke it down into subcategories. I was impressed by this and felt that breaking my word down into categories it would help keep the word and its implications at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

The first subcategory that falls under my word intentional is spiritual life. In order to be intentional with this category I am intending to read the Bible completely through during 2021. I have teamed with a few others who have also have this goal. We are all following a plan using the Bible app. It helps to have others to keep you accountable.

I have also joined with a few friends and family members in an online book club where the books are spiritual in topic. We have all suggested a book and the books are randomly put on our reading list. Then we read a chapter each week and meet via Zoom to discuss that week’s chapter. This has been a wonderful growing opportunity, especially during this pandemic.

The next subcategory under my word Intentional will be in the area of finances. Even though I always intend to be more intentional in the ways I handle my finances, I am sorely lacking in this vital area of my life.

I plan on starting a Frugal Friday on this blog in the here future. I got this idea from Kristen on The Frugal Girl. Hopefully, that should not only help me be more intentional with my finances, but also help inspire you to be more intentional with your financial goals.

Finally, the last subcategory for my word of the year is in the area of home. As I thought about this area I realized this is a pretty broad topic in which to be intentional. So breaking it down a little further, I want my home to envelop those who enter with feelings of love and happiness. It should be inviting and provide a calmness to those who are seeking a refuge from the demands and chaos of life. I plan on achieving this through the use of the colors I choose for my home, the art displayed and the food I offer to guests. I feel like these attributes are contagious and will inspire those who enter my home.

What is your word of the year? How are you planning to implement it?

My life verse.

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