The Word of the Year is Intentional.

For the past several years I have chosen a word of the year for myself. That word is/was chosen to be an inspiration for me as go through the upcoming year’s endeavors. In preparation of planning the upcoming year’s goals I chose the word Intentional.

After I chose my word, I watched Jen from Pretty Neat Living vlog talk about her word of the year and how she broke it down into subcategories. I was impressed by this and felt that breaking my word down into categories it would help keep the word and its implications at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

The first subcategory that falls under my word intentional is spiritual life. In order to be intentional with this category I am intending to read the Bible completely through during 2021. I have teamed with a few others who have also have this goal. We are all following a plan using the Bible app. It helps to have others to keep you accountable.

I have also joined with a few friends and family members in an online book club where the books are spiritual in topic. We have all suggested a book and the books are randomly put on our reading list. Then we read a chapter each week and meet via Zoom to discuss that week’s chapter. This has been a wonderful growing opportunity, especially during this pandemic.

The next subcategory under my word Intentional will be in the area of finances. Even though I always intend to be more intentional in the ways I handle my finances, I am sorely lacking in this vital area of my life.

I plan on starting a Frugal Friday on this blog in the here future. I got this idea from Kristen on The Frugal Girl. Hopefully, that should not only help me be more intentional with my finances, but also help inspire you to be more intentional with your financial goals.

Finally, the last subcategory for my word of the year is in the area of home. As I thought about this area I realized this is a pretty broad topic in which to be intentional. So breaking it down a little further, I want my home to envelop those who enter with feelings of love and happiness. It should be inviting and provide a calmness to those who are seeking a refuge from the demands and chaos of life. I plan on achieving this through the use of the colors I choose for my home, the art displayed and the food I offer to guests. I feel like these attributes are contagious and will inspire those who enter my home.

What is your word of the year? How are you planning to implement it?

My life verse.

These are a few of my favorite things. What are yours?

I have decided to participate in a 52-week blog challenge. I hope that it will get me to where I need to be with this blog. I must admit, this post was fun.

For my 52-week blog challenge, I am using some prompt s that I found on Pinterest. This is one of those prompts: What are your favorite things?

How many of you have thought about what your favorite things are? I really hadn’t thought about it in those terms but I find that there have and/or things I really like to use. I feel enjoyment from them.

As I was planning this post and thinking about my favorite things, I really wanted to create a different aspect of favorite things. So here are 6 of my favorite things; things I find enjoyment in using and things I use frequently if not on a daily basis.

Dr. Grip by Pilot Gel Pen

The smallest thing on my favorite’s list is an ink pen. I really like this pen and use it daily. I actually have several on hand at all times. I even have a couple hidden away. It seems as if there are several people who also like this pen once they have written with it.

The pen that I am referring to is the Dr. Grip by Pilot. These pens have a thicker body and a rubberized grip. I find them comfortable to hold and write with. They come in various colors so you can choose the one that appeals to you.

Do you have a favorite pen?


The next item on my list of favorite things is my camera. Several years ago, when I was planning an Alaskan Cruise, I upgraded my point and shoot camera to a DSLR. At the time I didn’t know much about them, but I knew I wanted something with a bigger lens so I could get closer shots during my vacation. When I went shopping for my new camera the salesman lead me to the Nikon.

I really liked and appreciated the fact that the lenses were interchangeable with all Nikon camera bodies. I have upgraded cameras a couple times since my original purchase and still can use the same lenses.

I took a correspondence course through NYIP and have been hired occasionally to take the pictures for weddings, senior pics, and family photo shoots. Photography opened up a whole new world of creativity for me.

Do you take many pictures?

Current planner

The third item on my favorites’ list would be my planner.

For the past few years I have ordered my yearly calendar through Plum Paper..

This planner is customizable which I love. I can decide what I want the cover to look like and what I want written on the front. The writing is further personalized by my choice of font, the area surrounding the wording, and the colors.

Not only is the cover customizable, so are the contents of the planner. I choose the orientation of the layout and the sections I want in my weekly breakdown as well as the sections I will use.

The planners begin with a two-page yearly spread The next two pages breaks the year down into months with space under each month to list goals or anything important that falls within a particular month. Then the months are broken down into tabbed sections..

2nd page of weekly spread

Here you can choose a vertical or horizontal spread. In my personal planner I chose the horizontal layout for the monthly pages. After the two-page monthly spread, I chose an horizontal spread again for the weekly breakdown of the month. These weeks can be personalized with columns that are headed with your choice.

For my choices of headings on the columns I chose kids, meals, blogging, crafts budget and notes for the last two columns. The headings are your choice.

Next you can chose various sections to be put into your planner. The sections I have put into my planner includes blogging, sales, social media, and notes. I use the notes sections to keep various lists.

Other sections available for you include topics such as :Budget, Lifestyle, Fitness, Coloring, stickers.

Check out this planner. You will not be sorry.

Do you have a favorite planner that you use?

Cricut Explore Air 2

The next item on my favorites’ list is my Cricut Explore Air 2. My husband bought this for me two years ago for Christmas.

I was like many people. I was a little intimidated by it at first. But I have found a multitude of resources and videos available for learning how to use it. When I get stuck on a project I hop over to youtube to watch a video on that specific problem.

There are also many crafters out there who be glad to answer questions you may have. Once of the crafters, Jennifer Maker, is an excellent wealth of knowledge on the Cricut machines.

After getting my machine my crafting has improved a couple of notches. Love my machines.

A couple of years ago I purchased a Shark Navigator. My Kirby had finally bitten the dust after a 20+ stint. I could not afford to replace the Kirby at that time so I ordered the Shark hoping it would last longer thank a few months. (Apparently, we are pretty hard on vacuums.)

I immediately fell in lover with the Shark. I even liked it more than the Kirby.

I wrote a post about the Shark. Click here to read more about this amazing machine.

The final item on my favorites list is my refrigerator.

We recently went from a side by side to a bottom freezer. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love his kitchen appliance.

The first couple of refrigerators we own we ones with freezer on the top. This were ok, but made it difficult to get things in and out of the frig. Also, the freezers were not very big.

I had the bright idea to replace the top freezer with a side by side. I grew to dislike this model quickly. It could not hold bigger pans when having get togethers and the freezer was difficult to organize. I felt they were a little small for my needs.

Finally I have found a refrigerator that I absolutely love. My current refrigerator has the freezer on the bottom. I was a little unsure when I purchased it, but I love it. The freezer has a drawer in it and I place items I use more frequently in the drawer and everything else in the bottom. It is really awesome.

The frig has adjustable shelves so you can customize the shelfing to meet your unique requirements.

What type of refrigerator do you have? Would you recommend it to others?

Those are some of my favorite items. Do you have favorite items or just some things that bring you a lot of joy when you use them? Let us know.

My life verse.

Don’t make resolutions Make goals: My III 101 Ultimate Goals to accomplish in 1001 Days

My III 101 Ultimate Goals to accomplish in 1001 Days

As I have done twice before, I am listing 101 goals I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. Hopefully these goals will keep me on track through January 10, 2023.

This list is a little bit behind getting done. I guess since this is the third list I found it harder to write.

Do I really expect to get all the items on my list completed? Not really, but they are items that I have thought about doing. However, they are all obtainable.

By listing them, I think it makes them seem more obtainable.

So here they are:

  1. Read the Bible through. – I have listed this as number 1 on the last 2 lists and have not completed it yet. This year I have joined with my sister and daughter plus a few others in reading the Bible through using an app. This will help give me that extra push to get it done.
  2. Take a photography workshop.
  3. Write a book.
  4. Maintain weekly blog posts.
  5. Begin the blog’s email.
  6. Make a book review page on the blog.
  7. I would like to monetize my blog.
  8. Design a freebie for the blog.
  9. Secure a sponsored post.
  10. Create a blogging schedule.
  11. Try a new recipe weekly and put it on blog.
  12. Create a frugal series for the blog.
  13. Complete a 52 week blogging challenge.
  14. Develop a blogging schedule.
  15. Post consistently on social media.
  16. Participate in at least 2 blogging courses.
  17. Develop a course for my blog.
  18. Attend a blogging conference.
  19. Increase savings by at least $2,500.
  20. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished.
  21. Be debt free by the end of the 1001 days.
  22. Take a New England cruise.
  23. Go see the Giant Redwoods.
  24. Visit every state in the US.
  25. Read at least 35 books.
  26. Make yearly books with the pictures I take.
  27. We would like to cement the lower pool deck.
  28. Purchase 2 lounge chairs or regular chairs for pool deck.
  29. Replace diving board.
  30. Recover the cushions in the shelter.
  31. Add at least 2 more ceiling fans to shelter.
  32. Make a tall porch sign for front porch.
  33. Refinish the porch swing on the front porch.
  34. Blacktop the driveway.
  35. Fix the steps on the deck.
  36. Redecorate granddaughter’s room. – This is the Christmas present she received from me this year. We will be picking up the paint some time this week.
  37. Replace granddaughter’s ceiling fan.
  38. Make a new bedspread for her and for her brother’s room.
  39. Replace the closet doors in the kids’ bedrooms.
  40. Replace window in grandson’s bedroom.
  41. Replace flooring in bedrooms.
  42. Buy a new stove top.
  43. Buy a new range hood.
  44. Install new kitchen counters.
  45. Put decorative framing in dining room.
  46. Replace light in dining room.
  47. Replace the fireplace screen.
  48. Replace sink in main bathroom.
  49. Replace floor in main bathroom.
  50. Repaint interior walls.
  51. Have carpets and living room furniture professionally cleaned.
  52. Buy new sheers for living room.
  53. Purchase new tables for living room.
  54. Reupholster chair and ottoman to place in living room.
  55. Make throw pillow covers for various holidays.
  56. Replace floor downstairs.
  57. Build a supply closet off of my office/craft room.
  58. Make a small bookbag for grandson.
  59. Handmake as many Christmas presents as I can for 2021. – This past Christmas I only bought 5 gifts out of a list of 35 people. The rest I made.
  60. Better organize office/craft room.
  61. Upgrade sewing machine.
  62. Purge teaching supplies I no longer need or use.
  63. Put some items (clothing and craft items) on Facebook marketplace.
  64. Knit a pocket scarf.
  65. Make some soft flannel pjs for my granddaughter.
  66. Make new curtains for bay window.
  67. Make new curtains for kitchen.
  68. Clean the kids’ play house.
  69. Paint the kids’ table.
  70. Reupholster the chairs.
  71. Make a sign for the barn that houses my granddaughter’s rabbits.- “Bunny Barn”
  72. Put gates on the Bunny Barn.
  73. Make more crafts projects so I will have plenty of stock for summer vendors’ shows.
  74. Learn and make bath bombs.
  75. Attend a craft fair, either as a vendor or a customer.
  76. Open a booth at a consignment craft store.
  77. Make a new Christmas wreath for front door.
  78. Make a seasonal decorated tree in foyer.
  79. Do a weekly/monthly craft and put directions on blog.
  80. Put in a small raised garden bed for Shyla to tend to herself.
  81. Plant a couple of apple trees.
  82. Put in a grape arbor.
  83. Go to Bronson, Missouri.
  84. Visit the Florida Keys.
  85. Take a road trip around Ohio.
  86. Go to Dogwood Pass.
  87. I would still like to get a white Pomeranian. – I had originally planned on finding one after I retired, but I feel as if I am still too busy for a puppy right now.
  88. Become more consistent in attending church. – This will depend on the COVID crisis.
  89. Attend a sunrise Easter service.
  90. Attend an outdoor drama.
  91. Go to a Renaissance Fair.
  92. Paint a picture of a tree for the dining room.
  93. Purchase a gun.
  94. Detail car.
  95. Buy a new car.
  96. Update the will.
  97. Have a monthly game night.
  98. Have a monthly movie night.
  99. Eat supper together at the table once a week.
  100. Design and purchase new planners each year.
  101. Make a new list when this
My life verse.