Easter Weekend-How was yours?

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Happy Easter

As far as Easter weekends go, I’ll have to say this one was one of the hardest for my family.

After having back pains for over a week, I had to get my act together, pain or not, and participate in the activities of the family.

The Easter bunny arrived at our house a day early. Mom had to work all day Sunday, so we enticed the bunny to make his deliveries to our house a day early.

After the morning festivities, I braved the stores and went in town to get a haircut and return a pair of shoes. Luckily, I arrived at the salon after an initial rush and was able to get right in.

The store where I was returning the shoes was having a large sale and was busy, but I managed to return the shoes and do a little shopping before heading out the door.

My brother-in-law with my youngest grandson. All the kids loved him.

In the early morning hours on Thursday. After a short battle with cancer, my beloved brother-in-law left this world. He was not only my husband’s next oldest brother, but also his best friend.

He was the son who was there everyday for his elderly mother, helping her with the garden and anything else she needed. He was also the babysitter for a six year old grandson.

Saturday evening his family held a memorial service for him. We saw many family members, friends, and neighbors whom we had not seen in a long time. It was a very emotional time. My brother-in-law was a very loved man.

Of course on Easter morning, my husband and I took our resident grandchildren to church. After a very nice moving service we went to my mother-in-law’s for lunch.

Because of the recent loss in the family, we had opted not to have a traditional Easter dinner and instead feasted on the dishes that neighbors and friends  had brought in for the family.

After lunch my oldest daughter asked me to go to the movies with her. Her family were all at their dad’s.We went to see God’s Not Dead 3, an appropriate movie for the day. It was a very good movie.  (As a side note, we had the whole theater to ourselves.) It was a nice, relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

When she dropped me off, I finished helping the older two get ready to go to their other grandparent’s to spend the next couple of days. Both their mother and I have to work and they are out on Spring break. On the way back, I began listening to the book Living Well, Spending less  by Ruth Soukup. It seems to be a very good book. Stay tuned to a review when I finish it.

I went home, fixed a salad for supper and called it a weekend.

What was your Easter weekend like?

My life verse.

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