Living with foot pain


We finished the segment about Kelsey’s family with the problem he had with his foot and finally having surgery to correct a problem that he had been suffering with for almost 2 years.

The fairy tale ending would be then he lived happily ever after with no more pain, but he did not have a fairy tale ending and he stills suffers from foot pain.

After the surgery, Kelsey finally was pain free and had full range of motion in his foot for approximately the next year.

On our way to take him to a national bow shoot, we first went by his doctor’s office for a yearly checkup. He had been experiencing some pain again and restricted movement in the foot for a few weeks. The doctor took x-rays and told us the bones that he had removed were growing back. Very fast. My son was going to need another surgery.

We really liked this doctor and although he was only an hour away from our home, he was in another state. The surgery center where the operation had been performed was in our home state. Because of this, our insurance had refused to pay the doctor’s bill. They had paid the surgical center bill.

So, we had to find another doctor within our state. I felt like we were starting back at square one.

After meeting again with Kelsey’s pediatrician, we were sent to the closest Chrildren’s Hospital, which was a two hour drive.

This is where we met the doctor who would perform the next two surgeries on Kelsey’s foot. Yes, I wrote that correctly, the next TWO surgeries.

Whereas the previous doctor had removed two bones from Kelsey’s foot, this doctor said there were actually three bones that needed to be addressed. So he under went surgery again to remove three bones this time. The two that had grown back and another one.

During the healing process, Kelsey had to wear a cast. One day while still in the cast, his foot became very sore. He felt like something had come loose. We made the 2 hour trip to see his doctor. One of the screws that had been placed in his foot had come loose.  It was corrected and we were on our way home once again.

And he was pain free for awhile.

When the pain began again, we made another appointment to see this doctor .  After x-rays were taken, the findings were again the same. The bones that had been removed were growing back again.

So now Kelsey had an option, remove the bones again or fuse them together. He would lose the range of motion in his foot, but the pain should greatly subside.

At this time Kelsey was 18 years old so I told him it was his choice. He opted to have the bones fused together.

Kelsey underwent surgery again on March 14, 2006. I remember that date well because my daughter also had Dylan the same day. My husband went to the hospital with Kelsey while I stayed with my daughter while she delivered. The next day we traded places.

Although the bones were fused together with hopes that there would be no more pain, that was not the case. Kelsey did well for several years before the pain came back. By this time, he was married with a son of his own.

Obviously, he was no longer under a pediatrician’s care so he found a podiatrist at our local medical facility. He was new to our area.

After examining Kelsey, he determined that the coalition was not only affecting the bone, but also the tissue and muscle that surrounds the bone. So he went through another surgery.

Kelsey is still to this day under the care of this podiatrist. He has had to go in to have another screw redone and he has developed a condition called neuropathy in his foot.

There have been several times that he has had to come home from work on the boat to get steroid injections and medication for his foot pain.

His doctor has even told him he will eventually need to find another job other than that of a deckhand where he is on his feet a lot. Luckily, he has passed his pilot’s test and is working on his piloting hours before being able to pilot his own boat. With this advancement, he will not be on his feet as much. 

Foot problems seem to run in our family. I have problems with my feet and so does my youngest daughter. Not to the extent Kelsey does though.

Have you or any of your family members have any medical problems that can’t seem to be diagnosed?

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