Thankful Thursday: I am really thankful for cell phones.

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My cell phone has really been helpful this past week. And not just for making and receiving phone calls.

Monday evening I took Shyla to urgent care to have her finger checked out. While playing with her younger cousin on Saturday she hurt it and I was sure it was just sprained.

After x-rays, however, now I’m not so sure. She does have a  place that is of concern to the doctor. I am waiting for a call this morning to let me know if it is truly broken or not. The doctor will be calling my cell phone which is good because I will be on a school bus taking students to a special ed basketball game. I don’t have to sit by a land line phone waiting for it to ring. (Luckily it is just sprained.)

Tuesday morning I awoke when our power went out approximately 30 minutes before we had to begin getting ready for school. Because I use my phone as my alarm clock (another thing I am thankful for) it was handy and I used the flashlight on it to get ready for work. I also used it to help the kids find their clothes for school. I love smart phones with                                             their gadgets.


Do you have a reluctant reader in your home? I do. Dylan is a good reader, but he just doesn’t like to read. As he moved into higher grades, one of his ongoing assignments is to read a book and then take a test on it. This is supposed to be done on his own time. Depending on book it is worth a predetermined amount of points. The students have to attain a certain number of points each quarter. When  there is a reluctant reader in the house, it can be very stressful.

To alleviate this problem, I have put the books of his choice on my audible app. Since I drive him to school every morning, we use this time to listen to the books. Sometimes he will go to sleep and not hear a particular section of the book. But since I’m  listening to it with him, I can quiz him on the section he missed. This has become a life saver for us.

I also have several books for myself on the audible app. I can “read” a book while driving. It’s a win win.

Another app I am thankful for is the GPS. Although we do not travel a lot, this app has proved to help us get to our destination more than once. It has also helped  us find places to eat and hotels when we are out of town.  Just keep in mind these apps are not infallible, so you also have to keep an eye out when following its directions. You don’t want to drive into a lake or river. I have read about this happening before.

Another lifesaver of the cell phone is the kid’s apps that can be downloaded onto the phone. I have several on my phone so that when we are in a situation where the kids need to sit still and be quiet they can play with the phone. This can really help in many places. When we went to our granddaughter’s graduation, the 2 year old sat in between my husband and I playing his apps quietly on the my phone. Keep in mind that I seldom buy apps. There are a vast array of entertaining and educational that can be downloaded for free.

One more reason I am thankful for cell phones is messaging. If it isn’t an emergency, but one of the kids need to ask something, they can text me and I will answer when I am able. I also have an app that by granddaughters’ baton instructor uses to relay messages, rehearsal dates and/or cancellations. She also posts various events and performances which syncs with my online calendar. I love this app. It keeps everything together from that team.

There are a lot of uses for cell phones and I just named a few that I use frequently. I choose to look on the positive side of the phones and this week I am thankful that I had my cell phone this week.

What are you thankful for this week?

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