Why I Started a Blog and How I got my Name

Where did you get your name?

This past week I have been involved in Build your blog Bootcamp with Ruth Soukup.

Ruth Soukup, author and blogger

It has been a wonderful eye opener and I have learned many things and met many new bloggers.

I have also learned that I’m a little further along with my blogging endeavor than I previously thought. The first assignment in the bootcamp was to choose a name for our blogs. Of course, I had already done that. I noticed that many of my fellow classmates were struggling with this. I felt lucky that I had already accomplished this first task.

The name of my blog actually came about well before the conception of my blog. Several years ago I began

One of the early quilts I made for my mother-in-law.

sewing quilts and bedspreads for my family. As these began to be noticed by extended family members, requests began to trickle in and a business began before I knew it.

About this same time I began to take up photography as a hobby and again as people outside of the family saw my work, I began to accept photography assignments.

My granddaughter

In order to put my “stamp” on my work I came up with the name Perilin Creations and Photography, pronounced perry lynn.  As many of you have read my name is Linda Perry Johnson.  I took my last name, did a spelling change and attached the first three letters of my first name.  And the name of my business was born.

I had already began a Facebook page  under this name to showcase my work and possibly get other assignments. Ultimately, I dropped the photography and just became Perilin Creations as my work expanded to other venues of crafts and art.

So my business created.

During this time I was also introduced to Pinterest and began a Pinterest account. I love this site. As a Special Ed teacher who teaches art, this site has become invaluable to me for finding art projects for my students in addition to various crafts and homemade gift ideas. Even though I originally put this account  under just my name, when the idea of blogging started, I changed the name to Perilin Creations.

How did I get into blogging?

I began hearing about the blogging world when my husband was in the hospital for a simple one-day surgery.  While we were waiting for him to be taken into the operating room, we were watching the local news. They were interviewing a blogger who was telling how her income helped her family. I told my husband then that was something I needed to check into.


Then it was  put on a back burner, although every once in a while I would think about it.

As I get closer to retirement, we have begun to have concern on our monthly income vs the monthly expenses. I am hoping that this blog will show a monthly profit that will close the gap of what my retirement monthly pay will be and what my income is now.

Another reason I decided to start a blog is that I love to write. It has always been my goal to write a book. See my post 101 Things to do in 1001 Days.  I am hoping that will jump start that process.

As I have become interested in the blogging world I have started following various bloggers. I have become very intrigued with the blogging process and have come to the conclusion that if they can do it so can I.

What is something that you would like to do and haven’t started yet? What is holding you back?

My life verse.