My Very Busy Weekend

Boy, was this weekend jammed packed with activities. Friday evening was a little slow after we got home from Shy’s baton practice. But, that was just the lull before the storm.

Saturday morning, Shy had to be at the football field by 10:45 dressed in her baton uniform. The girls who are performing at Disney in November twirled between two of the middle school football games. We stayed to watch the whole game since many of these boys were Dylan’s classmates and the team is undefeated so far.     

** On a side note here, Saturday was the first time this year that I came home with a sunburn. The weather here has been in the high 80’s and 90’s. **

After this game we went home for about an hour before we headed out again. This time the three of us went to the local university to help set up for a Bingo fundraiser.

This is to help finance the girls who are performing at Disney. I was there from 3:00 to 5:30 helping set up tables and chairs in preparation for approximately 300 people.


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Sunday, our day was spent helping with the Bingo games. We also had a silent auction, concessions, Split-the-pot, and grab bags for our participants. The kids and I arrived at 11:30, helped with final setups, and I manned the Split-the-pot and grab bags. The kids and I also managed to play some games.

After the games were completed and people left, we help stack the chairs and tables. We threw away trash and cleaned up as much as we could. Many larger items had to be loaded in trucks to be returned to business that had loaned us there items.

Overall, I would say our Bingo was a large success. We raised close to $6,000. Now on to the next fundraiser.

To read about our Twirlers click on this link:

To say the least, by the time we arrived home at 6:00. We had pizza for supper.

What was your week like?

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I have to tell you… about my new vacuum!


First, let me tell you this is not a sponsored post. I am just so thrilled with this vacuum that I wanted to let you know about it.

What is your favorite brand of vacuum? For about 20+ years I used a Kirby. I paid a fortune for it, but it was well worth it. In the beginning I mainly purchased it because the attachments included a carpet shampooer. It had several attachments which I used frequently. I claimed I would never use another vacuum.

Over the years I had my Kirby serviced many times. It had been given new beater bars, new hoses, new bags. It was still my favorite; it was going to last a lifetime. And it came close. Even though it finally stopped picking up very well I could have sent it off to have it rebuilt, for the cost of $450. But that was a large sum, so while I was waiting for my lottery winnings (insert laugh) I purchased a cheap vacuum to hold me over. I won’t mention it by name, but I bought it on sale for $50. You get what you pay for.

It didn’t last very long so I bought another of the same brand, just a little bit better one. This one I paid $80 for. This one last about 3 years although during the last year or so, to sweep the carpets I had to use the hose attachment. It wouldn’t really pick up very well any more by just pushing it.

That was enough to push me into purchasing my Shark. One evening when I had fallen asleep with the TV on, I awoke to find an infomercial about the Shark vacuum. It was being sold by QVC on installments. As you can tell I desperately was in need of one. Although I did not want to add a monthly payment to my bill collection, I ordered the vacuum. The delivery was prompt and I was as excited as a child at Christmas to open the present and begin vacuuming again.

With the help of several little hands, we opened the box and began taking the pieces of the vacuum out and laying them in the middle of the floor. Then I began putting the vacuum together. It was a snap. It took less than 10 minutes to assemble my new purple prize. (You can choose from a few different colors.) And I began.

At first glance of the assembled vacuum, I thought the sweeper head was way too small. Also, I was not prepared for the swivel action that the Shark has, although over time I have learned to like this feature. Best                                                                      of all, it picks up great.

The Shark also has several other features that I like better than the Kirby. The Shark is bag less, so no more buying and struggling to put bags onto the vacuum. Secondly, one of the things I liked about my Kirby was that it was self-propelled. When I began vacuuming, even though it is not advertised as self-propelled, it will really take off when it is on the correct level for the rug height. That is another plus for this vacuum, to adjust for various carpet heights or hardwood floors, it just takes the push of a button. For the icing on the cake, the best feature is the ease of using the hose and attachments. Unlike the Kirby, where you have to remove the head of the vacuum to attach the hose, there is only a button to push to use the hose on the Shark. Also, you can remove the canister with the hose on the Shark to vacuum stairs or places difficult to use an upright vacuum.


Ok, so you are now aware of how much I like and enjoy vacuuming with my Shark. It was well worth the money I spent on it. The only thing I would change, if I could, was to have a retractable cord.

What is your favorite vacuum? What do you like about it?

My life verse.

I’m Back.

It’s been all summer since I last posted and I want to apologize. This summer went too fast and was very hectic. Today I’m going to give you a peek into those summer months that made me glad it was time for me to return to the classroom. (I do like my job.)

My first bulletin board of the year.

As usual, June started off with a flurry of projects that had been put off way too long (like deep cleaning the house and painting.) I did get my bedroom repainted first. I didn’t change much in the way of color, so it only required one coat of paint. The biggest obstacle to painting that bedroom is the massive, heavy furniture. It took me about a week to complete the room. I focus on one wall at a time when painting. I move that furniture out, clean the baseboards and walls, then paint. Before I move furniture back. I sweep thoroughly.  The result when the final coat is applied, is a clean room.

This is before. After pictures are coming soon.

The next room I tackled was Shyla’s bedroom. A couple of years ago we had put new carpet in the bedrooms and she had chosen purple. It is a deep, rich purple that is still in excellent condition. At that time the walls were painted a light lavender and I had made her curtains and bedspread to match. Well, now she is into the color of teal and Paris.  So, to incorporate teal and a Paris theme into a purple bedroom I had to do some creative planning.  I choose to paint the upper half of her room the same soft lavender and the bottom half of her walls were painted with the teal that she helped me pick out.  I found material that had both colors. I made the curtains and am still in the process of making the coordinating bedspread. Also, I am planning to put white trim around the room.  There is still a little bit of trim work to do, but it is nearly finished. I will be posting the total room makeover in a later post.

Several doctors and appointments later…

I began having some health issues in late spring, so the early summer months were filled with doctor appointments and tests. By the end of June I received a diagnosis for my swallowing difficulties and in mid-July underwent a minor surgical procedure. This procedure is supposed to alleviate my problems for a few years before it begins to turn bothersome again. It was  also at this time that my GI doctor chose to leave the area and he referred me to another one which is about an hour away.  Luckily, I like the new doctor and am now an established patient.

My family and I live in a rural section of the country and one of the big youth organizations around here is 4-H. My grandchildren are deeply involved in this so it means so am I. Last summer I taught a beginner’s sewing class to girls that were interested in learning to sew.  That project also carried over into the present year although it was just my granddaughter taking it this year.  She was also involved in a cooking project. She loves to cook and sew.  The culmination of the hard work of all of the youth comes the first week in August at our county fair.  It is always a busy, hectic, and fun week for 4-Hers and their families.

It wasn’t too long after the fair, that my sister and her husband came up from Florida to spend some time with family and attend my granddaughter’s baby shower.  During her visit our family went on a hiking trip and picnic. I have to admit, I have really never been hiking before, but I had a fantastic day.  I will post those pictures on my Instagram.


As a footnote: We welcomed Skyler Estelle Johnson into the family yesterday, September 10, 2017.

That brought us to the week my grandson began transition camp. This was a 2-day “camp” where the students who were attending middle school for the first time to go to become acquainted with their new teachers, learn how to follow schedules, and be assigned lockers. It was a great experience for the kids.

A week after this, we all began the new school year. Where has all our time gone?

How was your summer? Did  you get everything done that you had planned to do?

My life verse.