Meet my Family: Part 2a of 4


In  the last Meet my Family (Click here to read that post.)post, I introduced you to my one and only son. That post became a little long when we meandered into his foot problems, so I decided to break part 2 in two separate posts.

Kelsey met his wife, Edith,  while he attended the local vocational school where I was and am currently teaching. He went from a private Christian high school to a public vocational school. At this time he was pursuing studies in CAD/CAM and Precision Machinery. (CAD/CAM stands for computer aided drawing/computer aided machinery.) He did very well in these fields and they helped him with his archery.

Edith, his wife, was pursuing a field in the medical field and graduated with her certificate for STNA. (State Tested Nursing Assistant) She worked in a local nursing home and the local hospital after they graduated.

It was about a year after they graduated that they were married in a lovely outdoor ceremony. I was able to do the flowers and pictures for the wedding and the outdoor reception that followed.

Since they had already been together for an extended period of time, they immediately began trying to have a family. It has been a hard struggle for them. Edith has had several miscarriages throughout their marriage, before, between, and after the children the now have.

First, Edith and Kelsey, took custody of her step-sister’s youngest daughter. At the time Zoey had not turned 2 yet. She just celebrated her 11th birthday under their care.  Even though they have had her for so long, her biological mother is still a big part of Zoey’s life.

Their first born was a son, born when Zoey was 4. He was named Landen Baxter. Baxter is a family name. My father-in-law had an Uncle Baxter whom I was privileged to meet before he passed away.

Landen Baxter

My husband’s middle name is Baxter, as is our son’s and Landen’s. Our great-grandson also has the middle name Baxter. (I’ll introduce him in a later post.)

Kelsey and Edith have one biological daughter, Isabella Grace, who is called Bella, or sometimes affectionately referred to as Boo Boo or Bella Boo.

Isabella Grace (Bella Boo)

She is a feisty little five year old who loves playing dress up and playing with dolls. She a little princess through and through.

Their youngest is Levi Paxton. He just recently turned one year old and is a happy little fella. He loves is mommy and his sisters.

Levi Paxton

They live right up the road from me, which makes it easier since the kids all go to the same school. We have it worked  out on who can take who, pick up this one, and so on. Edith is the only one who does not have a job outside of their home, so she is also our families’ go-to when kids need picked up in the middle of the day, or can’t go to school for various reasons. She is a life saver.

You have now met 2 out of my 4 children and their families. I hope you log on to let me introduce you to the rest of the family.

Tell me about your family. Have many kids, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren do  you have?

My life verse.

Thankful Thursday-What are you thankful for this week?



I am thankful everyday.

There are so many things to be thankful for that it is sometimes hard just to isolate a few, but I am going to try to attempt it.

  1. I am very thankful for the law enforcement in our country. They put their lives on the line every day in an attempt to keep us safe.

Last night we had several law enforcement officers by our house looking for someone they had been chasing.

It is always a little disconcerting when they person they are looking for is somewhere around your home.

After they had apprehended this person, while still in the road a car came up over a small knoll too fast and ended  up on its side in the ditch while trying to miss hitting the multiple patrol cars and officers in the road.

I live on a country road; it is always surprises me when we have this type of occurrence on our road. I expect this kind of happening in larger populated areas.

I am very thankful to the officers that were on duty and their diligence in making sure my neighbors and my family were safe, no matter how long it took.

Community helpers are the best.

2.  I am also thankful this week (and always) for those people who give so much of their time and talent for the youth in our community.

We have a lot of people who run after school programs, baton groups, 4-H groups, and weight lifting coaches who put in hours of work to help the youth of our community.

Dylan and Shyla are both involved in after school programs which not only offer help with homework, but have many special activities in which the kids can become involved in, such as learning Spanish and Sign Language, chess clubs, music lessons, and more.

Dylan goes from this to weight lifting 3 nights a week. Shyla and her cousin, Zoey, is involved with baton. The instructor is fantastic and gives a lot of herself for this marvelous group. We have been involved in local parades, and performed at a large amusement park on a yearly basis, and have even performed at Disney World.

Several of my grandchildren are involved in 4-H.

I am so thankful for these people.

3. Thirdly, we are finally beginning to feel warmer temperatures. It has been a long, cold winter.

Today the sun is out, the wind is breezy, and the temperature is warm.

4. With the warmer temperatures comes the birds that flock to the feeders in my backyard.

So far I have seen little yellow and black finches, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Robins. We have even noticed a couple of young woodpeckers.

And of course we always have Robins.

I like to just sit my the window and watch the birds flock to the feeders and fly around the yard. Their singing makes the warm sunny days even more pleasant and happy.

What are you thankful for?

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Elvis Presley Cake

Elvis Presley Cake

Yesterday, since I was home in the afternoon, I decided to try a new recipe the I had saved on Pinterest.  It is called an Elvis Presley Cake and it used crushed pineapple which my whole family likes.

Elvis Presley Cake


  • White cake mix
  • 8 oz. can of crushed pineapple
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 8 oz. pkg of cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup of butter softened
  • 3 cups of powder sugar
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • 2 – 3 cups of crushed pecans


Bake the cake as directed on the box, let it cool and poke holes in it.  I used the small round handle of a mixing spoon.

Boil the can of crushed pineapple with the juice and one cup of sugar. Pour over the cake.

In a large bowl mix cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar. Add vanilla and crushed pecans and mix well. Spread over cake.

This is a very good cake, but it is rich and super sweet.

Bon appetite!

What desserts did you make this week?

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